Outlaw Festival – On The Road Again

The Outlaw Festival is a yearly celebration of the outlaws, an event that is steeped in mystery and legend. A tale of intrigue, murder, betrayal, intrigue, and survival, the Outlaw Festival is truly something to experience. Each year, Canadian author Michael Connelly brings this fantastic Canadian novel to life in a fast-paced, entertaining adventure. For those who have not read the book, the entire Outlaw Festival is comprised of seven chapters, each featuring a different character that joins the quest to find the killers of the Outlaws.

The seventh installment in the Outlaw Festival series was just released on Apr 4, but you can get an advance glimpse of what is in store by visiting their website. In it, readers will get to know more about the antagonists of the book, why they are as evil as they are described, and what makes their pursuit of the real Outlaws so devastatingly important. It’s a fast-paced read with plenty of surprises along the way, perfect for those who enjoy a bit of a thrill with their reading.


Outlaw Festival couldn’t get any hotter

Just when you thought that the Willie Outlaw Festival couldn’t get any hotter, it does. The eighth installment of the Outlaw Festival series was just released in March of 2021, and promises even more exciting content than what we’ve already seen. Cheap Outlaw festival tickets are in market now officially on Tickets4Festivals. The eighth novel in the series, titled Red Seas, promises even more twists and turns, including a completely unexpected turn of fate. For fans of the Outlaw Festival, and especially for fans of crime fiction and mystery, there is no doubt that Red Seas will be a winner.

If anything, the writing style of Ms. K rauss is reminiscent of Michael Connelly’s work, which has earned him many awards and been long listed by various publishers. In addition to being a long-time writer, Ms. K rauss has also written several nonfiction books on several different topics, including a book on her native Australia, and she has spent the last twenty-five years working as an investigator in the Los Angeles Police Department. Her experience and writing skills have made her an interesting and skilled writer, who brings real world data to her Willie Outlaw Festival stories, and she certainly has the background and skills to do so well. With the addition of K Rausch, the festival will be able to offer much more in terms of variety and originality in the programming, and I’m certain that fans will appreciate her taking over.

Old Crow Royal Gorge

Red Seas also takes advantage of the ever-changing landscape of today’s publishing industry. The book’s legal thriller tale starts out in modern-day Sydney, where the Outlaw Festival draws many law enforcement officers from all across the country to the country’s largest criminal illegal activity event, and the first stop of the season is at the Old Crow Royal Gorge. From there, the book jumps into the summer months of Portland, and California. Following the summer months, fly away summer vacationers fly in to take part in the festivities, and with them come a whole new cast of characters.

If you haven’t checked out Red Seas and Avellaire and the Outlaw Festival, then you’re definitely missing out on one of the most entertaining and successful events of the year. Fans of Avellaire and Red Seas will absolutely love catching up with what has become one of the summer’s biggest events, whether you attend in person or watch the festival online. Check out our site for more information on where to find tickets, as well as our complete set of program descriptions for this year’s festival. We’ll have highlights from the author’s novels as well as reviews of this year’s events.

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